Collection: HOMEOPATHY

The homeopathic medicines available in our e-commerce are those that have proven clinical efficiency. Scientific publications have been reviewed in order to find homeopathic active ingredients that have scientifically proven clinical efficiency. As part of the description you will find scientific references. Taking into account our commitment to our users and/or patients, we have omitted the availability of those whose scientific reference is not conclusive regarding their health benefit.

"When the human being is sick, nature and the disease are confronted. The doctor enters and hits with a club: he hits the disease, the patient is cured; but if he hits nature, the patient dies." Fliegende Blatter.

Nature provides us with active ingredients (extracted from plants, animals or minerals) that restore our health, without side effects. Homeopathy administers minimal and dynamic doses of these principles, providing the cells of your being with information similar to that of your illness or disorder, which triggers a physiological relationship on the part of the body's regulatory and defense systems. Get to know our products.


Homeopathic dilutions or POWER

Image taken from [1]


[1] Julià, M., & Vila Calsina, E. (2014). The homeopathic effects of Sabal serrulata against prostate cancer. Autonomous University of Barcelona , ​​2 , 3.