Our therapeutic crystals, quartz and semiprecious stones are carriers of light and vibrate at a high frequency, they increase our energy thanks to their vibration, resulting in the harmonization of the crystals of our body, mind and spirit. They are a gift of nature that combined with the wisdom of the medical man and the goldsmith man give us their qualities to adorn, heal, protect, manifest and transmute our energy.

This proposal includes loose natural semi-precious stones, natural semi-precious stones assembled in bracelets, anklets, earrings and a goldsmith proposal that includes silver jewelry with semi-precious natural stones beautifully positioned in 925 silver by the Uruguayan jeweler and goldsmith Alan Posse and activated by Doctor Saliarmo . Therapeutic crystals allow us to have direct contact with the soul of the earth through the artistic expression of goldsmiths, jewelers and artisans. Experience ancient healing wisdom applied in a new way.

This collection of unique and incomparable natural crystals whose power has been recognized by man for years are available to you, to your loved ones, so that you can manifest your gifts from the heart with these unique pieces. Whoever receives these jewels will be able to enjoy its shine, its intense color, its wonderful energy and it will be an anchor of positive energy for your health and well-being.