Zinc is a trace element. "Zinc is very useful for fertility disorders, infertility, impotence and/or frigidity, delayed sexual maturity and for this reason it has been called the reproductive trace element. It is also useful in cases of acne, stretch marks, burns, loss of memory, taste or smell Women who take oral contraceptives for long periods of time, we recommend taking the trace element Zinc or Zincum Metallicum .
The objective of oligotherapy is to restore the metabolic functions blocked by the supply of highly bioavailable activators. The fundamental action is regulating and balancing, and is used to and applied to the set of clinical cases and their psychological and physiological elements" [1].


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  • Scanning electron microscopy image of Zincum oxydatum at 3 powers: (a) 6C, (b) 30C and (c) 200C taken from [2].
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