Sleeping properly will help each and every one of the cells that make up your body to rest, remember that cells with energy can react better to the stimulus presented in front of them, they will react better than an organism that experiences insomnia, exhaustion and fatigue. There is an increase in deep sleep after an increase in physical exercise and mindful eating. Some practical tips are:


  • WE WILL REGULAR THE TIME TO GO TO BED AND THE TIME TO GET UP: sleeping between 7 and 8 hours, having a fixed schedule to sleep and wake up every day is vital to enjoy a healthy sleep. Eliminate naps. We will limit the time we spend in bed to the number of hours we actually sleep, shorten the time in bed. Remove unnecessary activities from your schedule.
  • KEEP A SLEEP DIARY: taking into account 1. the time spent falling asleep (latency to sleep onset). 2. Number of awakenings during the night. 3. Approximate duration of these awakenings. 4. Total time asleep. 5. Appearance or not of drowsiness. 6. Ability to develop activities the next day. 7. Use of hypnotics or not.
  • CARRY OUT A PHYSICAL ACTIVITY OR PRACTICE SOME SPORT: leaving a space of 2 hours before sleeping. Preferably do evening exercise.
  • EAT A LIGHT MEAL: at night do not include fruits and do not go to bed on an empty or very full stomach.
  • RELAX YOUR BODY: for this you must pamper your body, massage your feet with an exfoliating cream, remove the cream and get ready for a reflexology self-therapy with a mixture of oils containing Citrus lemon and Lavandula agustifolia. Mixed in ideal percentages to control stress, anxiety, nervousness and help to fall asleep.


  • MEDICAL AROMATHERAPY: prepare a mixture of sleeping oils for this you need the following oils as raw material.
  1. Lemon essential oil
  2. Lavender essential oil
  3. Organic Safflower Seed Vegetable Oil
Dilute 5 mL (100 drops) of Lemon and Lavender essential oil in 25 mL of Safflower vegetable oil. Apply 2 drops of this mixture on the chest and 1 drop on the inside of each wrist. Apply 5 drops of the mixture, massaging the area of ​​the spine, the solar plexus and the soles of the feet (from the toes to the heel) until completely absorbed into the skin, once a day in the morning after bathing.
  • HARMONIZATION OF THE ENVIRONMENT: lie down only if you are sleepy. For this you must call sleep, the first thing to do is prepare your room by applying a drop or two of the mixture of sleeping oils on the bulb (this will not explode if applied before lighting). Turn on the light in the room, the light should be dim if it is not do your best to achieve it. Use the bed and the bedroom only for sleeping, thus generating relaxation energy (Feng Shui). In no way place the television, computer or any appliance in the room that generates electromagnetic radiation to your cells during your rest. These household appliances generate a toxic energy field for cells and should not be located in the place where you spend at least one third of your life.


  • GENERATE A PRONE SPACE FOR REST: Disconnect from all the activities that activate you and that generate exhaustion, such as watching television, cell phone, computer, listening to the radio, among others. These activities must be abandoned at least 30 minutes in advance. Do not use a clock in the bedroom. Make sure your sleeping space is ideal for driving to a restful night and check that your mattress is comfortable and clean, your bedding set and blankets are clean and hypoallergenic.
  • PERFORM THE IMMUNE SYSTEM STRENGTHENING ROUTINE: applying a drop of the mixture of sleeping oils at each acupuncture point (P7, H20, VG20, H4 and VC6) explained later. Finish with a moxa . Then carry out the useful Protocol to prevent and/or heal infections by viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.
  • HELP THE UNCONSCIOUS TO RELAX AND REST: for this, apply 3 drops of Morpheus oil on the back of the pillow, then apply 2 drops in the palm of your hand, take three deep inhalations and immediately rub your hands in your hair.
  • RELAX YOUR MIND: At bedtime you should be relaxed ready to rest, since it has been proven that emotional activation hinders and prevents sleep, as well as compromising your well-being and quality of life. If there are emotional reasons that keep you restless and awake, give them to God and his Angels. You can easily do this by imagining an Angel with a basket. Put any problems in the basket and watch as the Angel is carried to heaven, where everything is resolved.


  1. TUTRANQUIS OFFICIAL FORMULA : Applying 5 globules of Tutranquis sublingually provides tranquility to the mind, causing the brain to slow down the alpha rhythm after a few minutes and start theta waves. These homeopathic globules will help you sleep well at night and be calm during the day.
  2. NERVO COMPLEX : At 8 am and 4 pm, 10 drops or 2 tablets 3 times a day.
  3. TRANQUIDIB : At 12 and 10 o'clock, 8 - 20 drops.
  4. CER COMPLEX : 10 drops 3 times a day.
  5. ACONITUM MULTIPOT : When there is acute insomnia, with anxiety and panic attacks that can lead to violent changes, homeopathic medicines made from this component are ideal.
  6. MULTIPOT IGNATIA : If your insomnia is due to upsets or emotional disturbances, which lead to chest tightness and anxiety, you can treat it using this component. Ignatia amara (useful for when you feel a knot in your stomach and shortness of breath due to anxiety).
  7. ARNICA MONTANA : It is very useful in cases of mild, moderate or acute insomnia, which is caused by exhaustion.
  8. NUX VOMICA : These medications will be essential when your insomnia is due to stress. Another useful homeopathic medicine to combat stress is Nux vomica, as it relieves digestive disorders present in people who do not notice their own stress such as leaders, businessmen, high-level athletes and people with high self-criticism and self-demand, who cannot sleep for your concerns.
  9. ARGENTUM NITRICUM : ideal for treating impatience, especially regarding the future.
  • SIT ON YOUR BED: close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel the aroma of the oils, the sounds, your body, be thankful for the present day, for each moment, for each person you shared with, for each thing you observed. Give thanks for the air, for the sun, for the wind, for the rain, for the beating of your heart and for a wonderful day of life and love. Take a deep breath, open your eyes and prepare to rest.
  • FINALLY, A PRAYER: to have sweet dreams, join hands in a prayer position and say: I ____________ love myself, I deeply and totally accept and approve of myself as I am now, I feel safe in my territory . Thank you Father for another night of love. Also, you can say your personalized prayer.
  • If you definitely continue tossing and turning without sleep then mentally repeat the mantra OM MANI PADME HUM until you fall asleep.
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