At each stage of people's lives, the skin needs special care. In adolescence and mainly due to hormonal changes typical of age, two concomitant phenomena occur: fat overproduction and poor skin renewal (dyskeratosis). The skin then appears shiny and has an irregular skin texture. If this pathology is not controlled in time, it usually leads to a major dermatological problem: acne.

The main characteristics observed are:

  • Dilated pores: Due to excess oil production, the walls of the pilosebaceous follicle are deformed and as a result the pores look open.
  • Localized shine: As mentioned, excess fat on the skin on the outside is observed with a shiny appearance in areas such as the forehead, nose and the perioral area (called the T zone), creating an unsightly appearance that adolescents often confuse with lack of cleanliness on the face.
  • It is essential to control this production of fat in time with the topical use of astringent, sebum-regulating and soothing substances that contribute to the patient quickly recovering the pleasant and fresh appearance of the skin.

For this reason, we have incorporated into our formulation of PHYTOCARE PURIFYING-MATIZING SERUM , natural substances such as cucumber extract, thyme, witch hazel, fomes officinalis, Nicotinamide and moisturizers to help improve the appearance of the skin of patients with this pathology.

Cosmetic treatment should be complemented with advice on changing eating habits, which should be rich in protein and low in carbohydrates and fats. It is advisable and according to the latest theories, to suggest the consumption of fiber and probiotics since the health of the intestine influences the appearance of skin lesions such as acne, due to the high accumulation of toxins in the body.

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