OJO DE TIGRE: Beneficios terapéuticos

TIGER'S EYE: Therapeutic benefits

Tiger's eye is known as the stone of clarity, attracts joy and optimism, improves clarity of thought, balances the energies of Ying and Yang, helps solve problems in a clear and objective way, heals psychosomatic wounds transmuting fears and anxiety.

It clears the mind, addresses problems of self-esteem, self-criticism and creativity blockage, encourages assertiveness, allows recognition of talents and weaknesses, allowing changes to be made to the personality.

Tiger's eye differentiates thought tinged by desire and what one really needs, helping to recognize the needs of others. Ideal for use in the second vortex in the center of the abdomen and in the third vortex two centimeters above the navel.

Tiger Eye is about finding balance, moving gracefully through life's ups and downs with power and class.

Imbalance can begin in the mind. Your thoughts are not your friends. They will sell you out, steal your shine, and drag you through your proverbial bloody, battered Zen garden if you let them. Let Tiger Eye whip those bitches into shape and set you on a path to spiritual success.

Emotions are another story. They can pull you in so many different directions that you stay in one place: stuck. When jealousy, pride, shame and fear darken the horizon, Tiger Eye can be a focused and energetic machete that clears a path through the jungle of your emotions.

Tiger Eye, a golden brown variety of quartz, is well regarded as a money-making stone. A little economics lesson: productive people get paid. If you're stuck in your head or mood (see above), get it out, kitten! Use Tiger Eye to shine a light on the creative and brave beast within you, because anything worth doing is worth a roar.

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