CUARZO AHUMADO: Beneficios terapéuticos

SMOKY QUARTZ: Therapeutic benefits

Supreme antidote to stress, relieves suicidal tendencies, helps overcome difficult times with equanimity and strengthening resolve, helps accept the physical body and cleanses the base energy center so that sexual passion can flow naturally. Relieves abdominal pain related to stress.

When life casts shadow, grounding Smoky Quartz acts as a super absorbent sponge absorbing energy orbiting dark thoughts, negative voices and passive aggressive emails that have your mind moving in all directions and your soul saying : "Um, hello?"

With attributes of both clear stones and black stones, Smoky Quartz is ideal for clearing the path ahead of the dark detritus: insecurities, fears, and those sociopaths and narcissists that come in the guise of friends.

Like black tourmaline, Smoky Quartz is a loyal protector, keeping the glowing orb inside you and that emotional tornado of sharp teeth and claws out there. Arm yourself with Smoky Quartz against crowded streets and thoughts. In meditation, Smoky Quartz has a diaper effect, supporting you (in a good way) and laying the foundation for clear ideas to emerge from the mess of everyday life.

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