¿Que es aromaterapia médica?

What is medical aromatherapy?

MEDICAL AROMATHERAPY is the medicinal use of essential oils for the prevention and treatment of diseases by olfactory, topical, oral and/or sublingual route as part of natural health, well-being and beauty solutions with a holistic approach for personal and family strengthening. and business.

Although it is true that the Internet and social / commercial networks are very generous in information about the medicinal use of essential oils, many times this information lacks reliable foundations on molecular content as well as information in terms of indication, dosage, contraindication and precaution. . Therefore, when using an essential oil, its molecular content and its precautions for use and contraindications should be considered in order to avoid harmful side effects such as migraine, nausea and general malaise, among others. 

The objective of this MEDICAL AROMATHERAPY BLOG is to share fundamental knowledge about each essential oil (blog posts) as materia medica, its properties, indications and contraindications among various aspects, so that the user acquires the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and sufficient for safe and responsible clinical use of aromatherapy for physical and emotional prophylactic or therapeutic purposes. 

Aromatherapy is an example of emotional therapies since smell and odor perception are carried out in the hippocampus, a structure highly related to the emotional body. The molecular protection of the skin and internal and external mucous membranes through essential oils heals the astral body, the interaction of the chemical compounds contained in the essential oils acts on the physical body. Nature provides us with its infinite pharmacopoeia through the essential oils that some researchers grouped into aromatherapy, which is a natural resource that protects the body at the molecular level inside and out.

In BLOG DE AROMATERAPIA MEDICA you will learn about essential oils, each blog post explains the uses and benefits: what are they? What are they for? How can I use them to get the most benefit? Remember that the pharmacopoeia of nature is a million times more extensive and powerful than the pharmaceutical pharmacopoeia. With knowledge, understanding, and love you can combine these tools and heal yourself at home without the need for medication or a doctor. Remember that the first thing is not to harm yourself or others. Through a chromatogram it is possible to know the molecular content (or chemotypes) of essential oils, whoever wants to know more about this technique is recommended to review chapter 7 of the HPLC COMPENDIUM on Chromatogram Interpretation [1]. Pictured is a typical GC-MS chromatogram showing chemical analysis of essential oil from air-dried peels of C. paradisii or AE Grapefruit [2]. In [3] you can see a chromatogram of the essential oil of nutmeg .



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[3] Oo, T., Saiboonjan, B., Srijampa, S., Srisrattakarn, A., Sutthanut, K., Tavichakorntrakool, R., ... & Tippayawat, P. (2021). Inhibition of bacterial efflux pumps by crude extracts and essential oil from Myristica fragrans Houtt. (Nutmeg) seeds against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Molecules , 26 (15), 4662.

Source of the image 2]

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